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Re: [IP] High blood sugars - Ovulation?

On 8/22/02 10:50 PM, "Sara Molyneaux" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi,I've had extremely high blood sugars for the past 24 hours and nothing
> seems to be helping. I've changed sites, insulin, and taken shots.  I
> can't get my numbers to go below 15mmol and at one point they were
> 31.6mmol! At this point, I'm showing large amounts of ketones but I'm
> drinking lots of fluids and keep pumping myself full of insulin. The same
> thing happened last month, about 4 weeks ago.
> The only thing I can think of that could be causing these high numbers is
> my menstrual cycle. I've always had 1 day where my sugars go high about 3
> or 4 days before my period starts and I can control it with extra
> insulin.  Is it possible that ovulation can cause insulin resistance?
> I've had diabetes for 4 years and never had this problem before but it's
> the only thing I can think of that could possibly account for it. If this
> is the problem, what can I do about it? Increasing my insulin doesn't
> seem to help. Any suggestions?Thanks, Sara MolyneauxP.S. Please email
> directly as I only get the digest.

When it comes to women, I really don't know much at all, but look here.


This was written by Mary Jean Renstrom, and if she reads this I just want to
say "HI!" and we miss your posts on the List!       :>(

George       :>)
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