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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #557Great school news

       I am a first grade teacher going into my 16th year of teaching. I am 
also a diabetic for the past 26 years on the pump for 1. Anyway...I have 
NEVER heard of a school hiring a nurse just for a diabetic student. In my 
opinion (and that's all it is)! I would feel very strongly that a diabetic 
child should not have his own nurse at school and for field trips. I have 
dealt with many children with various illnesses over the years. I would think 
that a parent of a diabetic would not want their child treated soooo 
differently than the other children. The school nurse is ALWAYS a trained 
professional and should be able to handle a diabetic emergency if needed. I 
urge you to reconsider a one on one nurse for a diabetic student. As a child 
I DID NOT want adults to treat me differently than the other children in 
Just a diabetic teachers opinion.
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