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Re: Nurse competency was Re: [IP] First week of school & @#$#$#@^%#@ Nur...

At 08:56 PM 8/22/2002, you wrote:
>I'm confused here so any RNs out there please help me out!!!!!!  I was always
>taught that RNs were to follow MD orders unless they felt that those orders
>would put a patient into a life jeopardy type of situation.


>  Now, we are
>talking about orders that are talking about when/where a child can test BGs
>and give him/herself insulin or other related stuff (sugars) as needed.  What
>is so difficult about reading orders like that.

I am betting the original question was related to School nurses right? with 
that in mind I have found that many school nurses  (no disrespect intended 
here) are afraid of diabetics and insulin / testing.  And trust me I have 
seen several in the last few months that are refusing to give children 
shots in school even with an order from a doc.  One stated to a family that 
the mother would have to come and give a shot if one is needed (now if this 
is true that the nurse said this who knows).

>  When nurses start things
>that they can practice medicine without the benefit of a MD degree or atleast
>NP then we have a REAL problem on our hands.

Actually some nurses can change and start new treatment regimens as long as 
there is a protocol in the works and as long as they are working with the 
consent of a Doc.  We have several nurses that change and redo many insulin 
schedules relating to patients then they just inform the doc what they have 

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