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Re: Nurse competency was Re: [IP] First week of school & @#$#$#@^%#@ Nur...

I'm confused here so any RNs out there please help me out!!!!!!  I was always 
taught that RNs were to follow MD orders unless they felt that those orders 
would put a patient into a life jeopardy type of situation.  Now, we are 
talking about orders that are talking about when/where a child can test BGs 
and give him/herself insulin or other related stuff (sugars) as needed.  What 
is so difficult about reading orders like that.  When nurses start things 
that they can practice medicine without the benefit of a MD degree or atleast 
NP then we have a REAL problem on our hands.

mom to Joshua and whose endo asks ME before he puts anything into writing!!!! 
 Aren't we lucky Kerri?????
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