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[IP] Re: kids' A1c's

>>>Just got Heathers A1c results from the day before she started pumping
(Aug 1st) and mind you it was 6.4 in May.... well i'm not happy at all.. it
is now 8.1..... >>>

And to think my pump endo congratulated me for an 8.2 once. <g>  Anyhoo -
please don't make Heather feel like a failure, etc. - besides that test was
done only 3 weeks ago and an A1c covers the last 3 months.

This disease is hard enough and to think a kid isn't pleasing their parent
on something that is so hard to not only live with but to control. I'm sure
I have read on this list that kids with an A1c about that number is
acceptable since there is so much growth and other hormones going on - as
well as her being age 13. This number may very well have been the same
without the pump considering her age. Teens (especially girls) are very
sensitive and those numbers may not settle in to a better level for some
time. Yes, it takes work, but she has to have freedom to live life as well.
Lots of demands with school, friends, converting her body from child to
adult, and pile DM on top of it. It's tough.

Happy memories are important, too. (~_^)

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