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[IP] RE: Different correction rates

Marilyn asks:
>Is it possible to correct 1:40 for the a.m. and have a different correction 
bolus the rest of the day?<

For some people, it isn't.  I would give a new pumper a different correction 
for meals versus exercise vs bedtime based on their routines, lifestyle, and 
the presence of complications  (gastro, heart disease, kidney disease). 
Everyone is different.  If a teen has been physically  active in the 
afternoon, would you want to have a correction factor at bedtime  that is the 
same as one that might be used before meals? Not really.  The correction 
factor might be changed or the target to correct to might be raised. I 
wouldn't want someone to go low during sleep hours as a resullt of an 
over-correction.  The decision to change correction formulas is usually based 
on documented BG history. There is documented information in the medical 
literature about people who go lower during  sleep hours, then rise later in 
the AM.  (Don't ask me for the specific article, I would have to dig for it.) 
Everyone can have a variance, depending on activity, etc.  Best to be safe 
than sorry.

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