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Re: [IP] dr bernsteins diet

my second question is has anyone read dr bernsteins book
>or followed his low carb diet.im interested in it but concerned about the 
>high protein/low carb diet. any ideas? amanda


I have followed Bernstein's diet and it worked GREAT!  I have recently added 
some fruit and legumes to my diet because I'm trying to conceive (I actually 
think I could get away with his diet through pregnancy, but I figured I'd 
see whether I could keep my #s good and if not I'll go back to his 6-12-12 

I am not at all concerned about the high protein/low carb aspect of his 
diet.  An awful lot of people have been getting deathly ill (with 
heart/blood pressure problems and type II diabetes, for example) on the 
highly touted high carb/low fat diet.  I'll take my chances - especially 
because I have looked and felt a million times better since starting this 
diet.  Also, my A1C went from 12s to 5.8.  I figure it's saving my life.

Whatever you decide, best of luck!  And if you have any Qs, feel free to 
email me.

type I since 4/14/93
pumping since 4/10/02
low carbing since 2/10/01

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