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[IP] Dang

Just got Heathers A1c results from the day before she started pumping (Aug
1st) and mind you it was 6.4 in May.... well i'm not happy at all.. it is now
8.1.....OMG was my first words out of my mouth.. well actually i said
something else but i'm giving you the nice version... anyway hopefully
hopefully the reason was because Heather was coming out of her honeymoon
period and she had numbers all over the place... anyway.. I sure hope this
pump is able to bring her back down.. slowly but surely we'll have all the
kinks figured out..  Heather has decided to switch from comorts to Disetronic
ultraflex infusion sets so now i've got 4 boxes that I need to find a home for
because Heathers exact words were.. I'm never using those again lol.. they
hurt too much... anyway on another note school started today and Heather did a
site change in the nurses office before school started so her nurse (who is
wonderful by the way.. but is pregnant :( and due in Jan) can learn all she
can about the pump... I called the school around 9:15 and the nurse told me
Heather did wonderful and she was very amazed at how quickly she changed it
and said she was pushing those buttons quicker then anything and said she
obviously knows what she is doing.. lol.. I'm excited about this year... All
of her teachers are very willing to work with us and have said no matter what
we're teaching or talking about in class if you feel like you need to go to
the nurse at any time.. you go.. dont wait around and ask.. and also said if
you are too low to walk by yourself grab a friend and go .. As of right now
Heather can check her blood sugar in any class.. but.. she doesnt want to
check in front of her friends.. she is like i just know if they see me do it
they are going to blab it all over school.. and then will make fun of me.. I
told her not to worry about it lol.. but she is 13 and red headed.. so she
will worry.. anyway.. thanks for reading .. we're going to keep on keeping
Heather 13, dxd 11/2/01 pumping with Animas 8/1/02
Brian 6 til September
Matthew 4
Bill (hubby) lol
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