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Re: [IP] Re: hooray to the veteran :)

>Fran replied:
>There is a spirt list for this sort of talk.  I am offended that you think 
>God has blessed us for being "so bold and tolerant".  I don't think God had 
>much to do with it, but more my genes and  the fact that I've worked hard 
>at it that I don't have a ton of complications and that I am still alive.
>So, Dani says...
>I am so not trying to start a war, but I am just curious Fran - Who do you 
>think created your genes and your diligence to work so hard at this 
>disease?  Everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion, but I know 
>that He is responsible for blessing my life and allowing me to be able to 
>handle all that has been dealt to me and comes my way.  Not only with my 
>diabetes, but also with other aspects of my life.  I guess I am still 
>amazed everyday how complicated and wonderful our bodies are, and how only 
>such a perfect Creator could have designed these complex systems.

Dani,  I could answer this with a lecture on evolution, but you would find 
that offensive.  No hard feelings, but I find your lecture of religion 
offensive.  That's why it needs to be on the spirit list.


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