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Re: [IP] Maximum rise of one gram of carb/glucose

> Hi
> I was wondering what would be the maximum one gram of glucose would
> raise ones blood sugar.  I need this info for an article I'm
> writing.  I remember seeing someone writing that for their young
> child one gram of glucose would raise bg by 10 points, it looks to
> me that for young children this may hold true.  Any info?

It is different for everyone. You can calculate it if you know your 
bg/insulin ratio and carb/insulin ratio

See:  http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/ratio.cgi

also see the bg/insulin stats for the members of this forum. The 
distribution in the graph is the same as for carb/bg's. i.e. 
different for everyone :-)

For small kids, a 4-5 gram tablet might raise bg's as much a 100 - 
200 points while for a large adult, it might only be 10 points. 
Typical numbers are 20 - 25 points per tablet, but YMMV

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