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Re: [IP] Morning sugar rises-Dawn phenomenon

>But mine does not occur until I get up. When I get up, whether it be at 
>7am, 9am or 11am, my BS will be between 80 and 90, but by just getting up 
>and wondering around the house, getting dressed, reading the paper, it 
>will raise about 20 points. It is hard to correct for with just increasing 
>the basal, because it needs to be when you get up for when I get up and 
>that is not really a set time for me. Also, no coffee involved.
>Judi in MI

Judi, I am the same way, except mine rises much more than 20 points the 
first hour after I get up.  Another member of this list suggested the "get 
out of bed in the morning bolus" which has worked well for me.  You just 
need to figure out how much you need to cover this effect.

also in MI
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