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[IP] Re: Some pumping questions I have

>>>  <snip> in the Animas video a guy drops the pump on the floor to show
its durability so I was wondering if there is any specs on which one holds
up better to a drop to the floor.>

I think they are all pretty durable. I was told mine is made of motorcycle
helmet material. Pretty rugged stuff - huh, Fran?. ;)

>>>    Also, is there anything to Minimed's Bio-Pulse delivery system
instead of
the 3 minute delivery system?>

I started pumping when pumps delivered whole units only - no bio-pulse stuff
nor 0.10u stuff - just when it was time to get a whole unit - it went in.
Before that, pumpers had to dilute the insulin to have it deliver the proper
amount. Go with what you are comfortable with - not what kind of car someone
else drives (oooops - that's another subject).

>>>    I was looking at the time for a paradigm to detect an occlusion in
the CD
version of the user manual. The Paradigm will not sound a No Delivery alarm
until 3 units are missed.

>The graph shows that at a 0.1 u/h delivery rate that could be 30 hours
before an alarm. Does the Animas fair better in this regard?>

Surely you would have something to eat during that 30 hours, therefore
needing a bolus??? Also, it is highly unlikely, you as a big guy, would
require a 0.1u basal per hour. I'm not a big guy, but a *decent* sized woman
and have a basal of 0.7 from 9 a.m.-midnight. Don't stress toooooo much over
improbabilities. (~_^)

>>> If I wear the pump on my belt the tubing will have to go down inside my
pants, under my t-shirt, and back up passed my belt to the infusion site.
Has anyone had trouble with this? >


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