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[IP] Re: change out every 2 days anyone?

>>>i have been having some problems with bs rising on the 3rd day, the day
when i do my change out. <snip> told my cde i am going to see how i do on
sat. the third day, see if they rise or not. because its not always
consistent. >>>

Do you do your changeout the same time each time? If not, perhaps this is
why it's inconsistent? If there were a usual pattern with timing, etc.,
that'd give a clue. I had BGs in the 300s for a few hours for six years
after doing changeouts. After I got on the 'net I learned that the 0.5u
after the introducer needle of my SofSet was withdrawn, was to go INSIDE
me - the metal
needles I had used the previous 10 years didn't need that and I didn't
realize it need to be infused into me since I had seen a good drop at the
end when priming *outside* of me. This is only a suggestion and if something
can go wrong, someone will find a way to do it. lol YMMV (~_^)

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