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[IP] Re: being treated differently as a kid

I feel for the kids who are treated differently.  I wrote yesterday about not 
being left out--maybe it's because I didn't advertise the fact that I was 
"different.  I left my hometown when I was 13 and did not tell too many 
people I was a diabetic.  I didn't even tell employers until I would have an 
insulin reaction--then and only then did they find out!  I remember 2 
different jobs I had a major reaction--their question--why had I not told 
them I was a diabetic.  My answer--didn't seem too important at the time!  
No, I never lost a job due to the fact that i hid it--my bosses just kept a 
closer eye on me as did my fellow co-workers!  A lot of people know I am a 
diabetic wherre I live now but I still do not advertise the fact--although my 
husband and kids do!!!

dx  1963
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