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[IP] Re: kids with D being shunned

Linda,  When I mentioned to my husband about how hard it is for kids with D 
at school he stated it was liability issues.  And he's right.  One would 
think though that if the drs orders weren't followed or the parents 
instructions that the liability issue would be bigger.  I don't know how it 
is at our school system concerning children with diabetes but I do know that 
my daughter who has to use an EpiPen for bee stings must inject herself!  I 
was surprised.  When I told my daughter she was going to have to inject 
herself in case of a sting she stated "I would rather die than do that."  
Sure hope she never becomes a diabetic!  I tld her it wasn't that bad and 
that she would do it if neccessary.  She finally agreed she would!

DX 3/63
pumping 3/2000
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