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Re: [IP] Re: paradigm reservoir volume

Katy, I know that didn't make too much sense, so let me give it another shot. 
 After I fill up the reservoir, I detach it from the insulin bottle (keeping 
the plunger attached, but taking the blue top part off), and then connect the 
reservoir (with the plunger attached) to the tubing of the set, and then push 
insulin through the tubing using the plunger until I see a few drops come out 
of the needle.  After I have filled the tubing up, I disconnect the reservoir 
from the tubing and reconnect the blue top to the reservoir, and then to the 
insulin bottle and refill the reservoir with insulin until it is full again. 
Then I detach the reservoir from the insulin bottle, and take off the blue 
top and the plunger, and connect the reservoir to the tubing, put it in the 
pump and prime it (which only takes a second and doesn't use any insulin 
since the tubing is already filled).  I hope this was a bit clearer and made 
more sense, if not just let me know.

       Pumping since 7-18-02 with my blue Paradigm "Lancelot"
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