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[IP] Re: hooray to the veteran :)

Fran replied:

There is a spirt list for this sort of talk.  I am offended that you think 
God has blessed us for being "so bold and tolerant".  I don't think God had 
much to do with it, but more my genes and  the fact that I've worked hard at 
it that I don't have a ton of complications and that I am still alive.

So, Dani says...

I am so not trying to start a war, but I am just curious Fran - Who do you 
think created your genes and your diligence to work so hard at this disease? 
  Everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion, but I know that He is 
responsible for blessing my life and allowing me to be able to handle all 
that has been dealt to me and comes my way.  Not only with my diabetes, but 
also with other aspects of my life.  I guess I am still amazed everyday how 
complicated and wonderful our bodies are, and how only such a perfect 
Creator could have designed these complex systems.

Again, just my opinion.


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