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Re: Nurse competency was Re: [IP] First week of school & @#$#$#@^%#@ Nurses!

> Last year, both our Endo and our CDE was getting very upset with this
> nurses refusal to accept/follow their orders.     The nurse just kept
> the orders back asking for clarification (of what was already clear)  or
> a different order that would be to her liking.
> This went on for weeks.    They finally reached a point of ignoring her
> voice mails-----they'd had enough harrassment.   (They also knew that I
> was always reachable for them and that I'd contact them myself if there
> was an actual health problem.)
> They are still so aggravated with her insolence that they are just waiting
> for the first altercation from her and plan on paying her a visit (and
> inviting
> district administration to attend).  They are also waiting (I requested
> to wait and see) to send in their Diabetes Psychologist to meet with them
> educate them on the mental anguish they put my son through last year.

yanno, i read all these stories from parents of diabetic kids, and about all
their troubles with the schools, and just shake my head in frustration.
(um, shouldn't our kids have the right to an education?  or am i crazy?)  i
have heard from some of the case managers, my mom among them, that in ottawa
there's a diabetes educator who will go to the schools and teach the
teachers directly about diabetes.  what signs to look for in the diabetic
child, how to treat the symptoms, stuff like that so that they at least have
some understanding, and are ready to help in a low or high situation.
as for nurses in the schools here, i don't think we have them any more, i
don't think we even had one when i was in elementary school.  there was
probably a rotating nurse who did education stuff, and the lice ladies, and
the dental education folk... but i don't remember any regular nurse.  had
there been one, i'd have been seeing her a lot back then with my migraines
(the kind where you heave.  yuck).

this all reminds me that it looks like i'm gonna be getting the pump soon!
well, as soon as they can find me a spot with one of the doctors at one of
the hospitals, or with the nurse who specializes in pump education.

cross your fingers for me! <G>
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