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Re: [IP] Pardon your French?

> Sorry, I cannot pardon your "French."  Crap is an English word that is
> devised from Thomas Crapper, inventor of the flush toilet.  (HONEST!)
> The French term for feces is actually "Merde".
> In German it is "Scheiss".
> I can't vouch for the spelling though.
> I see that the vote is tending towards running the culprit down.  May I
> suggest an alternative?  If you directly hit the bike you will surely
> it.  But, if you give it a glancing blow, at about 10 miles an hour you
> salvage the bike will giving the criminal a very bad day.
> PS.  I think it was a merde thinng for the crook to do!

i always got a kick out of the"pardon my french" expression, since i've been
speaking french since i was about 5.  back in grade 10 our teacher took an
entire class to go over the ok french slang and swearing, and the wrong
kinds.  i guess he'd been overhearing some people using the really offensive
kinds, and wanted us to understand why it was offensive.  anyone who speaks
to many of our quebecois friends knows that the f-word gets bandied around
pretty frequently, but it's not taken that seriously.  :)
he also told us that "dormir avec elle" was just that, sleeping in the same
bed, just sleeping, and that "coucher avec elle" was what they were
intending to say. :)

isn't language fun?
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