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[IP] Re: Sensitivity training

> <<THIRDLY, my daughter went to  a doctor the SSI people sent her to the 
> other day and he had never seen a pump and I'm thinking she told me he had 
> never HEARD of an insulin pump.  This, my friends, is what we're dealing 
> with.  No wonder the phrase goes "patient - heal th!
> yself".    Tammy>>

The paediatrician Claire sees in this small city that we moved to this year, 
had never seen an insulin pump before.  However, she was interested in it and 
thought it was a good thing for Claire to use.   Another paediatrician here 
recently took my husband aside and said to him "Why is she (Claire) using 
that thing?  Injections have worked perfectly well for 4 million people."  I 
also told this doctor that I tested for blood ketones using the Precision 
Xtra meter--he replied that he knew nothing about what those numbers meant, 
so he just preferred to deal with Ketostix dipped in urine.  
     Well, hello--this is the 21st Century!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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