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[IP] Re: ] Palm Pilot Applications

   I do not know about the other software, but I know the animas software (EZ 
Manager) will do that for you, look up the foods, select quantity, add other 
foods if you are having a meal, and it will tell you total carbs for the meal 
and give you the amount you need to bolus based on your insulin carb ratio. 
It will also allow you to set different insulin carb ratios for different 
meals (ie, my breakfast till afternoon ratio is 1:12, goes to 1:15 for 
dinner, then 1:10 for night snack, ice cream is my usual night snack and the 
fat gets me in the morning : )
   I hope you have luck finding a program to fit your needs!
  Jacky D.

In a message dated 8/21/2002 6:57:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Thanks to you and all the others who have written to me about this. I was 
> hoping for something more sophisticated, but maybe that's just wishful 
> thinking. I was hoping for something where I could find a steak, green 
> beans and baked potato and then it would tell me to bolus x number of 
> units. Even better it would know that I need more in the morning and less 
> in the evening.
> Mario
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