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[IP] ReTenacity & success....OT, long, but happy!!

On 8/21/02 6:52 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

Lynn Newberg
> "Tenacity and bitchiness
> will get you everywhere.  :-)
> Fran"
> LOL! Sounds like a wonderful t-shirt slogan!

Thank you! I have been wearing a tee shirt with "Will WORK for a 14.1"
iBook!! ...To heck with food..." for a little over six months (No, NOT
everyday wise guys!) and was saving a few pennies here and there and so on.
Well, about a year later,  on Monday the 19th to be exact, I went to the
recorder's office and did the final title transfer to my name only on the
house. I was pretty upset as it was the final act of 'erasing' my daddy's
name from our house.

Thom told me to call when I was finished and he'd pick me up on the way back
from his dentist. I called him once I got on the bus as to bring his car
into the nuthouse known as the "Civic Center" would be horrendous and I told
him so. I was wrecked emotionally, forgot my debit card and check and had to
go all the way back home and get those and go back to recorder's office for
their $10.00 fee....'ate up' another 2 hours bussing it both ways, but it
got done!! He said 'Get off at the Crystal Court (a mall here) then I'll
treat for a coffee".

Well, OK, we met up. Ironically, I'd gotten onto the wrong bus and it
actually got me there quicker than the other bus I was supposed to take.
After our coffee, Thom said: "Well, I can afford a few bucks to put on one
of your gift cards" (I was saving by putting a buck or two every week by
putting it onto a gift card) so we went to the APPLE Store. While there I
was playing around on an iBook and then went to the genius bar to ask a
question about software and the new OS X.2.

While at the Genius bar, I saw the manageress heading towards the front with
an iBook all boxed and ready to go, so I said 'Leave that here, please...."
She laughed and went on up front.

I came up in time to see the iBook, a case/sleeve type of bag and a podium
(for laptops) on the counter and Thomas signing the credit card receipt!! HE
BOUGHT ME MY iBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{{{BIG HUGGLES!!!!!!}}}}}

I guess you're right! "Tenacity and bitchiness will get you everywhere.

I was tenacious, but was NOT bitchy.... Aw heck with it, I should make that

--The geek shall inherit the earth!
Jenny Sutherland
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