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Re: [IP] Palm Pilot Applications

>Thanks to you and all the others who have written to me about this. I was
>hoping for something more sophisticated, but maybe that's just wishful
>thinking. I was hoping for something where I could find a steak, green
>beans and baked potato and then it would tell me to bolus x number of
>units. Even better it would know that I need more in the morning and less
>in the evening.

I'm in the process of writing such an application for the Palm OS.  It is
still a couple of months away from being done, however.  Every application
I've seen for the PDA either doesn't have all of the features I want...or
the software makes it a lot harder than it needs to be.  I wanted an
application that would make it very quick and easy.

My application will have a primary data entry page that has a single form
for entering BG levels, carbs, insulin levels, ketones, exercise, lows, and
notes.  There is a button to auto-calcuate the bolus amount based on BG
levels and carbs. In the second edition, I'll be adding the food database
that allows you to quickly assemble customized meals.  (Most food databases
are cumbersome to use.)  The first phase (without the food database) is
nearing completion.  When it is done, I'll let everyone here know so that
you can try it out and offer sugestions, etc.

If anyone else has additional features they would want to see in a PDA
program, let me know, and I'll consider it.

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