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[IP] Being Different

Hi Jenny!

Of course, you are right.  My son has Affective Schizo Disorder.  He was
originially diagnosed in the second grade with ADD without hyperactivity .
So, of course he was different.  And, off course his peers made fun of him
and exlcuded him.  It was so bad, he even tolerated being abused from some
of his "friends" just to have someone to be with an talk to.  He also has
hormonal problems and weight 315 lbs.  He talks to himself a great deal as

When I get to feeling sorry for myself about having diabetes, I look at my
son and feel so bad for him.

BTW -- Jenny you are one of the coolest people I have met on this digest.
Sorry I haven't been in closer touch lately.

. Add Jenny, 15; a fat 'teen at 5'3" and 250lbs, with
> naturally curly hair and 'dancing eyes' from severe astagmus into the
> picture.
> This equated to taunts of "Retard!", "Freak!", "it" and other lovely
> original names. Objects thrown at me and bugs crushed into my clothes and
> hair...., and no, I was not invited anywhere either. Because my eyes
> 'danced' around so much, I was constantly questioned about what "dope" I
> on too (!!)
> No, it is NOT just diabetes, I didn't have diabetes until the age of 28.
> only 'crime' was being 'different'. Kids were and still are to some
> Mean.
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