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Re [IP] my first site infection

I wonder if it could have been a hematoma? john walsh's
PI book discusses this as well as infection. My
daughter shannon had a hematoma early on in pumping
that took probably a week to go away (takes a while to
reabsorb the "stuff"), was red and a hard lump (about
the size of a quarter). By all appearances it looked
like an infection but didn't respond like one, so it
was most likely a hematoma. the treatment was repeated
warm/hot compresses (I think we alternated with
cool/cold ones). anyway...just a thought...

kim said
 i was then told it needed to be drained and was
referred to a surgeon who saw me the following day to
drain it.    he got no pus out, only "liquified fat",
(some snipped)
has this happened to anyone else?
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