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[IP] my first site infection

i'll try to be as brief as possible....one afternoon at work, i noticed pain 
around my site.    went to the bathroom and saw it was very red under the 
tape.  i pulled out the infusion set and called my doctor.  it was the day 
they closed early and were already closed.  i knew from the IP list to put 
hot compresses on it, which is what i did when i got home.   called first 
thing in the morning and my endo wanted to see me.     prescribed an 
antibiotic and had me schedule another appointment in 4 days to see how it 
was improving.    after 4 days, the redness was not quite as large, but still 
quite big and sore.    i was put on 500 mg. of another antibiotic and told to 
come back in a week.      i was then told it needed to be drained and was 
referred to a surgeon who saw me the following day to drain it.    he got no 
pus out, only "liquified fat", which made me laugh and i told him to take 
more of it out!!!      he found no humor in that whatsoever!!      after a 
week, i had another appointment with him and he thought it looked great.     
it's still discolored, still has a lump which he said was normal.      i tell 
you.......it's always me that gets the extreme case!!!!       has this 
happened to anyone else?

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