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Re: [IP] closed loop

At 04:43 PM 8/21/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>uh...excuse me...how can this be used for description as it is not on the
>market....what is your basis for making such a statement? How do you define
>*reliable*? Seems the way Animas is going about this is *reliable* in that
>the readings are correct....so, I would like more info, please....
>    want more info, no prob...www.insulinfree.org (diabetes portal)
>   then click on mechanical devices, (articles about...)
>  and the first 3 articles at the top of the page talk about the specifics 
> and progress of the closed loop system...primarily about minimeds 
> progress...check it out.

But please please keep in mind that you cannot believe everything your 
read.  I do not want to start another war on this list.  It just truly 
breaks my heart for all newbies that go out and read this stuff, believe 
what they read and then years later are crushed.  I only know this from 
being crushed and so disappointed in my 40 years of diabetes.  So read with 
an open mind and remember there is always a twist on this articles to make 
their product look better.

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