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Re: [IP] Palm Pilot Applications

At 02:56 PM 8/21/2002 George Davis wrote:
>  Mario Morrone
>wrote:Hi, I'm new here. Although I've been enjoying pumping for 2 years, I was
>wondering if anyone knows of any Palm applications that can make life
>easier. I'd love to have something that can figure my carbs based on my
>food intake and then translate that into what I should bolus. Has anyone
>heard of anything that can do something like that?
>Try ezmanager at http://www.animascorp.com
>You can download for a 30 day free trial, and it calculates the bolus required
>for a meal.  It has a huge food database to select from, and you can add your
>own favorites to the database.

Thanks to you and all the others who have written to me about this. I was 
hoping for something more sophisticated, but maybe that's just wishful 
thinking. I was hoping for something where I could find a steak, green 
beans and baked potato and then it would tell me to bolus x number of 
units. Even better it would know that I need more in the morning and less 
in the evening.

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