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Re: [IP] closed loop

Your skepticism is well justified, Beverly.  There are clearly a lot 
of ways to define reliable.  MM and Dis have sensors that are 
reliably slow and reliably last just a few days before they need to 
be replaced.  And so they are also reliably inadequate for any use in 
a long term mechanical pancreas.  Some new technological breakthrough 
is still very much needed in this area.  Do I hear someone 
whispering, "just around the corner?"  *S*

>  theyre all at that point...but minimed and disetronic both have RELIABLE
>  glucose sensors

<<<<<<<uh...excuse me...how can this be used for description as it is 
not on the
market....what is your basis for making such a statement? How do you define
*reliable*? Seems the way Animas is going about this is *reliable* in that
the readings are correct....so, I would like more info, please....
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