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Re: [IP] Islet Cells

> Well, wouldn't the key factor for this be then to figure out WHY the
> body chose the islett cells to attack, and how to stop the immune
> system from attacking its own body parts.  It would not matter whose
> cells were in your body (ie; cell transplant or cloned cells) if the
> autoimmune system is whacked out then those cells are not any safer
> than the ones you were born with, right????  Or am I missing
> something?

There are two big parts to the puzzle that must be solved

1) Figuring out why the attack of the body's own islet cells occurs 
and turning off the response to that "particular" agent or stimulus
Whether this be a vaccine as is currently under study, gene therapy 
or some other "trick", it is necessary for a real cure that does not
involve the life long use of immune suppressing drugs

2) Figuring out how to create and introduce into the body, insulin 
producing cells that are acceptable to the body without 
imuno-suppressing drugs. There are several approaches under study, 
stem cells are just one of those approaches.

Various aspects of both schemes are currently being tested in a 
number of labs around the world, but don't hold your breath. Marrying 
all this together in one comprehensive solution will take time and 
much more study. The good news is that it is the first time real 
progress is being made on eliminating T1 diabetes for those that have 
it now rather than just treating the condition. I think there is good 
reason to hope that our children will be free of this disease.

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