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Re: [IP] First week of school & @#$#$#@^%#@ Nurses!

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> Well, after last Friday's  semi-fiasco IEP meeting, 
>  I came home and
> re-did the Health Care Plan and faxed it to my Endo
> after talking to her
> that evening.    I told my son to plan on things
> going on Monday the
> way that we had requested them, regardless of the
> nurse.

OK, I hope that venting helped!  I know that this is a
major issue for you and your son and do not want this
to be taken the wrong way or your frustrations
minimized, but I would like to present the school
nurses side of things.  Bear in mind that your son is
probably one of several children with DM at the school
(just a guess, of course).  Each parent has their own
adgenda of how their child should be treated and
monitored.  You know as well as I do that there are
many variations of treatment plans and ideas as to
what is good DM care; we see it on this list
continuously.  We also see those with DM (for years!)
that have no clue as to what good control and care
are.  And yet parents expect a school nurse to be able
to be all things to all kids!  Not only is the nurse
expected to look after puking kids that parents had no
business sending to school in the first place, they
have to pass out the Ridalin (sp?) daily, call parents
and hold snot filled hands while waiting for parents
to take the time to break out of a "high powered"
business meeting to return these calls.  Not to
mention the record keeping, testing and routine health
check-ups.  My friend is the only nurse in a fairly
small school.  In any given day she will hand out meds
to 36 kids and see about 60 kids that are sick.  This
is one person over 7 hours, everyday! School systems
are way under budgeted for student health support. 
This may inhibit them getting the best available
nurses.  So, while I believe that your son is entitled
to the support and help he needs, I can say that he
most likely will not get it.  The burden will fall on
you and him.  Think about it...professional diabetes
educators don't often exactly agree about what to do
in a DM situation, can we really expect a school nurse
to be totally competent?  
Good luck and blessings

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