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Re: [IP] ANOTHER Pump?

On 8/21/02 3:50 AM, "Billie Sue Parker" <email @ redacted>

> Doesn't it appear that the attachment from the reservoir to the infusion line
> would be much different than what we are used to?   Would this be another one
> of those propriety parts?  JMO  :-)
> Billie

>> <A 
>> HREF="http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/pumps/nipro_product.htm">children
>> with DIABETES - Nipro</A>
>> At least the NIPRO (Amigo) Insulin pump matches my other goo gahs
>> electronically...I could be total BORG.

If you are used to MM it may seem that way, but D-tron pumpers are familiar
with the right-angle connector which has a standard luer lock connection.
The question is, are they following European/US standards or are they
following Sooil by having a reverse thread connection?  That would be

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