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Re: [IP] RE: High BG and Complications

In a message dated 8/21/02 1:25:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> .  If an individual
> wants to experience diabetes casually, thats fine too so long as they do it
> knowingly.

Who said anything about experiencing diabetes "casually'?  I do admit that as 
a teen I didn't have the tightest control.  However I was dealing with 
poverty and an alcoholic parent.....I was doing damn good just to get out of 
bed everyday and go on with life.  We all know what stress and depression 
does for glucose control, right?  Now as an adult, try as I might I hardly 
EVER have a day when my blood sugars don't go over 300 at some point.....but 
it's not for my lack of trying.  There are simply some circumstances that I 
CANNOT control and I am tired of being made to feel guilty for not being able 
to do so.  I'm not being fatalistic.....I'm being realistic.  I never said 
that ANYONE should not do their best to keep their blood sugars "under 
control".  I was simply stating that my control has not always been that best 
and yet I still have no complications after 26 yrs.  So perfect blood sugars 
are not the be-all end-all indicators for the development or nondevelopment 
of the hideous complications we all face.  I was hoping to give those of us 
who are out there that aren't able to achieve "perfect" A1Cs at least a shred 
of hope......and I still do hope that.  So there!  Ok, I need to go calm down 
now....I can already feel my glucose rising :-(

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