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[IP] First week of school & @#$#$#@^%#@ Nurses!

Well, after last Friday's  semi-fiasco IEP meeting,   I came home and
re-did the Health Care Plan and faxed it to my Endo after talking to her
that evening.    I told my son to plan on things going on Monday the
way that we had requested them, regardless of the nurse.

We packed up his extra meter,  a juice box,  some Airheads, etc. in
the small pocket of his backpack.    I told him to carry it regardless of
what had happened and to test in the classrooms.   Also to call me if
ANYTHING happened.

Monday AM, school started at 7:25 and his blood sugars had been surprisingly
good at 6:15 even though he'd still been awake at 12:30 being upset.
At 8:30 the hospital faxed me the signed Health Care Plan I'd completed.
I faxed it to the school.    Unfortunately,  at 9AM I was paged by my son
with blood sugars of 339.    Then the nurse called and complained she didn't
have dr. orders.    While she was fussing, Zach walked in and she said
she'd call back.    He apparently was so sleep deprived/nervous/anxious
that he couldn't remember if he should do a correction bolus or wait.

As I'm repeatedly requesting that she please shut up and put him on the
she instead hands the phone to the 7th grade principal who conviently had
just walked down the hallway.   She then proceeds to tell me that he's
obviously not prepared for self-care in the classroom, didn't know what to
and had forgotten to test at 8:30 instead of 9  (big deal!!!)  and will need
to do
all blood sugar readings in the nurses office for a few months.   I explained
that he was sleep-deprived and upset over the meeting we'd had and not
knowing what would happen to him when he attempted to test in classes
or carry his backpack,  and was bound to be a little unsure of himself
that day.   She tried to tell me we'd been advised late Friday that they'd
gotten the approval from the District to allow him to test in the classrooms
that it was written in a District Policy provision.   All we'd been told late
was that it was our responsibility to get Dr. orders since our ENDO was
obviously ignoring the nurses pages and voice mails.

So I agreed to have him come to the Nurse at 3 set times each day for two
weeks only to set a pattern of what time he should be testing each day
under normal conditions.   (I told him to tests for any lows in the classes.)

He stayed in the low 300's all day on Monday.   Nurses messed up helping him
calculate his lunchtime correction and bolus.   He did the calculations
correctly,  but she then added up both answers and told him to punch that
in as one normal bolus.   My verbal orders to them that AM had said to do
separate correction bolus, so I could identify it later from the pump for
and then to do a Dual Wave bolus for lunch when eating pizza.

Today,  he was 84 at home,  but then 284 two hours later, and spent the day
between 214 and 275.   They did the correction right, the bolus right,  but
then called to complain that he shouldn't have done a correction unless
he was over 250 (their plan they wrote last year).    She wanted NEW
Dr. orders if he was to do corrections at a lower number.    So once again,
I got out the last version of the Health Care Plan,  wrote in that he could
start corrections at 150,  plus that he could do a correction 1 to 1 1/2
before lunch if he tested high to get things back under control before
starting the lunch period  (He eats at 6:20AM and lunch isn't till 12:30).

Called Dr.'s office again and told CDE I was refaxing it to her with these
additions.    Will be getting them back in the AM to refax to school.

In the meantime,  I contacted the Districts'  Disability person to find out
if I could get a copy of the policy on Diabetes as well as the date it went
into affect.    Guess what????????    There is no policy.    They are
allowing it for him since precedent has been set by the other school in
the District.    They felt it sorta fell under the catagory of the policy for
"Self=Administered Meds".     Now there is a 4 page document  as an
ammendment to that policy that deals strictly with Asthma, but nothing
for Diabetes.    She claims they can't have one for each illness.   Like
Diabetes isn''t as important or life threatening as Asthma.

So..................I'd offered to send them LOTS of info on why they need
a policy,  on why they need to inform ALL their district nurses about IDDM
rights,  and on how I've already spread the word on a local Special Education
lists about the problems we're having with the district on this and now
the best Advocates in the metro area KNOW that a precedent has been
set in our school district.    Gee,  now don't you think we need a policy???

Anyway,  sorry so long.   Needed to vent, etc.  Hopefully he will slowly
start destressing and getting his daytime numbers back in control.
Would hate to think they are causing another visit to the Diabetes
Psychologist who'm we'd done fine wihtout until they messed him up
last year.

OH,  and then tonight while swimming to releive tension,  his port got
crimped,  late dinner blood sugars were high,  did correction and meal
bolus,  by 11PM he was over 500 and throwing up!    GGGRRRRRR.
Did a site change,  insulin,  and are watching it go down again.


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