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[IP] angiogram

Hi Babs!

I am not a pumper.  (Still working on that one!)  But I've had so many
angiograms, and angioplasties that I'm considered a frequent flyer! <G>

What I do as a "sticker" is to take my insulin in  the evening as normal.  I
test in  the morning and then take 1/2 of what I normally would.

So far, (knock on wood) I've never crashed on the table.  Probably the next
time around I should make sure there is some dextrose ready to hang.

I'm very insulin resistant and normally run a 300 or better BG. So, your
mileage may vary.

There are really so many factors that it becomes almost impossible to plan
for them all.  You're going to be NPO, and your going to have some physical
stress from the procedure itself.

Good luck with your procedure.


PS.  You may want to check with your doctors about doing a "drive-by"  (Hey,
that's what my nephrologist calls it) for your renal arteries on the way
out.  I've got ARF and will be doing anothe cath since I recently had atrial
fib.  But, my neph. would have been real happy had I had a study done some
time ago to compare with whats going on now.

Diabetics are naturally sweet people!
> Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 20:24:55 -0500
> From: "Babs Moffett" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] angiogram
> Hi All,
> I am scheduled to have an angiogram ( the kind for my heart) on Monday.
> cardiologist said I could stay connected just lower my basals that
> That sounded fine till I got with the nurse who scheduled me. She said I
> could just have clear liquids after midnight which would include water,
> coffee, tea, apple juice or cranberry juice. She said I had to be at the
> hospital at 7 am but will just have to sit and wait to see when I'll
> actually get in.  I might have to wait all day.  So,  do I lower my basal
> 7am and hope I get in right away otherwise I'll be 200+ in a few hours. Or
> do I wait till they actually call me in to lower my basals?  I assume I
> should only have the juice if I'm low when I wake up but, if they haven't
> taken me by noon can I drink some juice and bolis for it.?
> I've called my CDE but she hasn't called back yet.  But, another piece of
> the puzzle is that I live 200 miles away from where I'm having the
> done so, she's not that familiar with the procedure. I live in a town of
> 12,000 but she was voted Mn State CDE of the year. Just wanted to get some
> experiences from you all.
> Thanks,
> Babs Moffett
> Pumping 2 years - Diabetice 37yrs
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