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[IP] Pump Training

Now with regards to pumping, I'm wondering something--how many people do
better with better training?

I can tell you I was trained by CDE 2x's and then had to make contact by
phone every other day w/my blood sugars to make adjustments.

It is almost two years now that I've been on the pump and the best training
I have received is the Pumping Insulin book and belonging to this group!

People here have helped immeasurably so many times with their advices,
experience and patience!

I am doing much better than I was before but still have crazy blood sugars
but I don't get upset by them anymore.

I believe most doctors and cde's just care that you know how to handle the
pump and to get you started.  After that, it is more or less a "try and see"
attitude as far as basals and boluses go to see what works well.  Ditto for
insulins and pump supplies.

This is just my experience and opinion.
Kathy B.
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