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RE: [IP] cure

I think after all of us being diabetics for so many years and hearing the
same thing over and over and over again, we have just become numb to
anything that is presented.

I even look at the islet cell transplants as a non cure as they truly aren't
a cure because it is transplanted and you still have to take auto immune
drugs and lots of times those people are still taking insulin as well!

I think they keep doing this to keep all the newly diagnosed diabetics going
with some sort of hope.

Don't get me wrong, I never will give up hope and keep telling everyone that
I hope I will live long enough to actually see a cure to this darn
disease....but truthfully, I don't think I ever will.

My kids are afraid to have kids and want to have their genes tested and if
it shows that they will produce kids w/diabetes, they don't want to have any
after seeing how I have had to live all these years...now isn't that sad :(

Kathy B.
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