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[IP] Paradigm motor error

After 11 days on my first pump, the Paradigm, a "Motor Error" occurred
while I was trying to bolus for breakfast.  Alarms went off, of course,
and the six circles were filled, indicating insulin was not being
delivered.  Tried to call Minimed at 8:10 but was on hold until 8:30
when I had to leave for an appointment with my CDE.  

CDE pushed some buttons and the pump went into Rewind.  (I should have
know to disconnect at the 'Motor Error' but did not know this and the
Alarms chapter of the User Guide didn't note this, nor did the pump
alert me to this on the screen.) At this point I had the sense to
disconnect.  Could not get in to my bolus review so did not know if the
3 units had been delivered previously or not.  The RDE convinced them I
needed a new pump by tomorrow and it is on its way.

As it turned out, the 3 units had been delivered and I took 4.5 on top
of that because time was getting on to 1 1/2 hours w/o insulin. 
Consequently I bottomed out and had to deal with that. I wonder why they
didn't engineer things so that one could get in to one's Bolus Review
when such errors happened?

I am just putting this on the site to let new pumpers know to disconnect
if they get the Motor Error message.

Am also wondering what I would have done if I were at my two weeks
backcountry camp w/o telephone access. Has anyone had to deal with
getting a back-up Paradigm to cover situations like that?
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