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RE: [IP] angiogram

Normally whenever you are having any sort of procedure done in a hospital
whether an outpatient or not, they would rather a diabetic be a little
higher than going really low especially if you're going under any sort of

You can always fix your highs after the procedure is over.

I'm surprised they are letting you have any sort of liquids at all.  When I
had my angiogram, I couldn't eat or drink anything and I was totally awake
for the procedure.

I would stick with non carb fluids so that you won't bring your b.g. up
until after the procedure...

And don't forget, unless you are having the new procedure done, you aren't
allowed to move your leg for at least 6 hours with a sandbag on it...not
pleasant...but then again, I brought my cd with me and a book so I listened
to music and read and slept on and off...

Remember, the more you drink, the more you're going to have to empty your
bladder and it's not easy doing that and trying not to move that leg!!!

Good luck to you.
Kathy B.
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