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[IP] Re: too many lows in hot weather??

At 11:09 AM 8/20/02, you wrote:
>Your body will require less insulin if you spend any amount of time outdoors
>in this hot, sticky weather.  I work outdoors a few days a week.  I always
>set a temporary basel for about .2  or .3 units less per hour than I
>normally need for the majority of the work day.  I got smacked with lows way
>too many times before coming to this conclusion. You also may have to
>account for all of the cold water one drinks when working outdoors.  I
>believe cold water will also assist your body in lowering BG's.  I believe
>it has Something to do with you body burning calories when your drink the
>cold water.  This is how my body reacts to the heat and I have similar
>results when working outdoors in the extreme cold.
>It actually becomes a problem and I really become frustrated.  But life goes
>on and I make the best out of a bad situation.

This is definitely a YMMV situation, since for me, the heat always makes me 
go higher.  I think it's because of the stress I feel when I'm 
uncomfortably warm.

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