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RE: [IP] Re: Scare tactics to make us gain better control....yeah right

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound insensitive, it was just a thought I had
as I read your post. And was thinking about the Scared Straight approach to
troubled kids. Everyone is different and an approach that works with one
person may not work on another. But, the comments the nurse made as you were
coming out of sedation were at a most inappropriate time, if nothing else.
There is a fine line between pushing a child and causing them to be
determined to do better and pushing a child and causing them to rebel at
their own expense. Our job as parents is to TRY to know exactly where that
line is.


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It most definitely didn't make my self care any better.....just made me
really angry.  In fact, I think it made me feel more hopeless and helpless
than ever.

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