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[IP] angiogram

Hi All,

I am scheduled to have an angiogram ( the kind for my heart) on Monday.  My
cardiologist said I could stay connected just lower my basals that morning.
That sounded fine till I got with the nurse who scheduled me. She said I
could just have clear liquids after midnight which would include water,
coffee, tea, apple juice or cranberry juice. She said I had to be at the
hospital at 7 am but will just have to sit and wait to see when I'll
actually get in.  I might have to wait all day.  So,  do I lower my basal at
7am and hope I get in right away otherwise I'll be 200+ in a few hours. Or
do I wait till they actually call me in to lower my basals?  I assume I
should only have the juice if I'm low when I wake up but, if they haven't
taken me by noon can I drink some juice and bolis for it.?

I've called my CDE but she hasn't called back yet.  But, another piece of
the puzzle is that I live 200 miles away from where I'm having the angiogram
done so, she's not that familiar with the procedure. I live in a town of
12,000 but she was voted Mn State CDE of the year. Just wanted to get some
experiences from you all.


Babs Moffett
Pumping 2 years - Diabetice 37yrs
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