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Re: [IP] eye disese

"Corneal dystrophy" is pretty non-specific.  All it really means is a problem 
with the cornea.  Depending on whether it is anterior, stromal or posterior, 
the outcomes are all different.  For example, some anterior dystrophies never 
progress.  However, some posterior ones cause the cornea to swell as fluid 
accumulates in the cornea and that interferes with a precise structural 
pattern in the cornea - and that can make the cornea less clear and more 
opaque (eg blurry!) and eventually lead to a corneal transplant.  As with any 
medical speciality, it never hurts to get a second opinion if you are not 
comfortable with you doc or his diagnosis, treatment or prognosis.  But if 
the dystrophy is non-progressive, what would be the point?

Andy - ophthalmic technologist
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