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Re: [IP] Being treated differently as a kid

SharonJ wrote, in part:

>>> To this day, I still automatically assume that people will not like me
or at least will feel differently towards me because of my
diabetes (though in my head I know better).>>>

Well, in reality, I know it's true. And, I did have kids who wouldn't play
with me cuz of DM. When people meet me most of them like me. Soon after they
find out about the DM, the testing (cuz I will *now* do it when required),
other daily restrictions, etc. they soon discover I'm not as fun to be
around as they thought. I can't be in the sun (get deathly ill - carry a
child-sized umbrella for shade), can't walk too far without getting winded
or legs hurt, can't touch my back due to the sensitivity, and lots of other
etceteras. DM can make a lonely life. I do hear of other DMers whom have
lots of support of family and friends. They are TRULY blessed!! (~_^)

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