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[IP] DANA Diabecare USA Launches Insulin Pump Initiative

DANA Diabecare USA Launches Insulin Pump Initiative

Technology Proven to Significantly Reduce Risk of Diabetes Complications 

Now More Accessible to General Public 

NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- DANA Diabecare(R) USA announces the 
launch of its insulin pump "Awareness & Accessibility" initiative for the 
estimated 17 million Americans affected by diabetes.  The Company's goal is 
to provide education and access to insulin pumps for those at risk for 
life-threatening complications and in need of intensive insulin treatment. 
The campaign is being launched in conjunction with U.S. distribution of the 
world's most affordable and easiest to use external insulin pump.

Until now, a majority of those suffering from diabetes, and even many of the 
general practitioners treating them, have been unaware of the technological 
advances of insulin pumps and the benefits they provide.  "Pump therapy has 
been reserved for patients with higher incomes or professionals in need of 
flexibility.  We want to change that, with a mission to put the best diabetes 
treatment methods within reach of any person requiring insulin," states Sue 
Jernigan, CEO, DANA Diabecare USA.

In addition to providing a product that is easy to use and affordable, DANA 
Diabecare USA ( http://www.danapumps.com ) has already enacted insulin pump 
therapy training for nurses and diabetes educators in all fifty states and is 
spearheading a drive to educate millions.  The campaign includes media 
awareness, healthcare provider education, research studies, and screening 
programs including school screenings for Type 2 diabetes to be launched in 
the state of Louisiana.

Insulin pump therapy eliminates multiple daily injections and provides better 
blood glucose control by delivering real time continuous insulin in a manner 
that imitates normal pancreatic function.  In 1993, the federally sponsored 
Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) showed unequivocally that 
intensive insulin therapy resulted in the significant reduction of diabetes 
complications including eye disease, kidney disease, nerve disease and 
cardiovascular disease by up to 76%.  Similar findings were made in 1999 with 
The United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) for Type 2 diabetes.  
The studies proved that complications, making diabetes the sixth leading 
cause of death in the U.S., could be dramatically reduced with the use of an 
insulin pump.

In addition to educating the public of treatment options, a focus needed to 
be on ease of use for the patient.  With this in mind, the DANA Diabecare II 
was developed as the only insulin pump with an easy to use graphic interface 
featuring icons vs. menu driven displays.  About the size of a pager, the 
DANA Diabecare II, which received 510k clearance to market from the Food and 
Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, is also the smallest, lightest and least 
expensive of all external insulin pumps on the market holding 300 units of 

DANA Diabecare USA, LLC, is the exclusive U.S. distributor for DANA Diabecare 
II insulin pumps and supplies manufactured by the SOOIL Development Company.  
SOOIL is based in Seoul, Korea, with over 45,000 insulin pumps in use 



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