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Re: [IP] Feeling sorry for yourself

> > WHY?  I sorta like your soap box.  :-)
>It sure takes up a lot of room sometimes...LOL

I know those darn boxes.  <VBG>

>Mary once said...I guess she was about 4 or 5..*this is a lousything to do to
>a little kid*...she is soo right (it is lousy for anyone).....we have our
>privates talks and I know how much she hates it......heading to church last
>Sunday, I found out from her that she always expects people not to like her,
>especially at school, because that has been her experience...that people
>don't want to bother with her because of her D....

Ahh Geez.  I think Mary and I could really get a long well.  When I read 
stuff like that my heart breaks because I so understand.  I had kids run 
away from me.  Didn't want to touch me because they thought they would get it.

>although lots of people
>have stepped up to the plate this summer....

Yay for them.
>Actually, the docs told my brother the same thing and he lost his sight in
>his twenties.....and he had the best care available at the time......I hate
>this disease .....thanks for the kind words, Fran...

Thank you back.  I am so sorry to read about your brother.  I am so 
grateful that I still have my vision and that I am breathing.  My docs also 
told my parents I would be dead by 21, well I am now 42.   And if that darn 
doctor was still alive I would go shake my finger in his face.  :-)

Mary is one lucky kid to have you as her mom,
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