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[IP] RE: High BG and Complications--more thoughts

Kathy, I think it's wonderful that you have reversed some kidney problems.  I
wish everyone could be so successful, and that is just awesome news.

But boy, I also think there are so many variables in life that can just create
even more problems for those with diabetes.  Other health problems, stress,
ability or inability to exercise, etc. etc. And of course when you go to fine
tune basals and bolus you end up with a whole new host of variables that just
seem to change every few months.

Now with regards to pumping, I'm wondering something--how many people do
better with better training?  I guess this pertains to all diabetics--how many
people with better medical teams actually do better?  I was left alone the
first three months of pumping, and had to go find another educator.  Some
people in other states have educators who check in with them every week.  Some
have advanced classes to attend after they've been pumping a long time.

Is there any research on this?  How much does culture or economics or whatever
you want to call it, play into this picture?
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