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[IP] Not Again! Please Help!

Hi all,
    Yesterday Caitlyn woke up and needed to throw up, had a blood sugar of 484
and large ketones in her urine.  This is after last weeks run of the same
thing.  The doctor had suggested a pump vacation or switching sites to her
butt.  On Wednesday we put the site in her bottom, by 12:30 AM Saturday
morning the pump was giving a no delivery alarm.  Saturday morning 7 am ish,
we changed the site to the other cheek, so to speak.
    She wakes up monday morning, yesterday, as I described above.  Gave
insulin in a shot twice and proceeded to pull the old set out in the mid
afternoon.  In pulling it out we found pus, and Caitlyn was screaming... we
cleared out what we could, used hydrogen peroxide and warm compresses and
called the doctor.  He put her on an antibiotic for a site infection and we
put the new site in her abdomen as far to the side as we could go, as to aviod
her lumpy tummy.
    Obviously, we can't use the micro in the butt sites.  The doc suggested a
sillouette... I thought the butt site would work great... we got FABULOUS
numbers on day one of the site, but lost it on day two.
    Has anyone else experienced problems using the buttocks?  Does anyone have
any suggestions for other body parts to use?  (BTW: she freaked out at the
thought of leg sites and I saw the places on the IP site, but she is small and
doesn't have a lot of fat!)  Also, she has been fine since putting it on the
side of her abdomen... she woke up to a BG of 130.  She is so small, I'm
wondering how long that part of her body will last!  Thanks all!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, 7 and pumping for 2 years
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