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Re: [IP] Jab-Free Blood Sugar Test Inching Closer to Reality

> On 8/20/02 1:02 AM, "Liz Davis" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> Dr. Vladimir Alexeev of the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues are
>> developing a material that, they hope, could be used as an eye insert or
>> contact lens that would monitor glucose levels in the tear fluid
>> covering the eye. The material, called a hydrogel, changes color as
>> glucose levels increase and decrease.
> material, which shows a shift from red to blue as glucose levels rise.
> Alexeev's team has received an NIH grant to begin animal studies of the
> material.
> Oh, I like that! So blue would mean high blood sugar for a change?  What a
> paradigm shift!
> Liz

Oh boy!    That will give new meaning to the song "Don't It Make My Brown
Eyes Blue"!!!      ;>)

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