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[IP] Re: Medicare Strikes Out Again

Hey James, et al., like Fran and others on this list it is sad to discover 
what Medicare experts we've become.  Bad enough that we do daily battle with 
this nasty disease, but we get to fight the world as well.

Do call Medicare Customer service in North Carolina and wade through the 
menu 'til you get someone to talk to.  I remember when I was trying to claim 
supply reimbursement a couple of years ago, that I hadn't realized that 
while I was claiming 2 years - they'd only been paying them for one.  But 
still, it came out $1000.00 in my favor.  Whoopee!

It seems to me that Medicare just started covering Type II's for pump 
supplies and if you're Type I or 1 1/2 or whatever, you should find out 
exactly what's going on.  Don't wait for those d*** letters in the mail - 
call and call and call.  I think they got sick of hearing my name and yeah, 
I got an attorney too.  It's not just someone's imagination - the government 
routinely denies just about everything.

Good luck.

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